Basic Computer Knowledge

Computer is very important for our digital world. We can’t any thinking without computer. So must be we should to try for use computer. Who’s are don’t know how to use computer. Please you stay with us just a few minute. We will out your confusion how can use computer. bye the way we are going our main topic about of Basic Computer Knowledge.

Basic Computer Knowledge: Basic computer knowledge is a important part of any computer user. So we have to know must be how to use any computer. Every computer is same but have a some different for just computer windows. For example windows 10 different than windows 7 and Windows 7 different than Windows Xp. But all windows use same to same , but you have to know basic computer knowledge. Such as computer start and shut down, Restart, Sleep, Add or Remove Program, refresh system and new folder create. Partition creating and Partition formatting, Internet use  and others. Basically some computer user don’t know first to last important part of Basic computer knowledge. So we should to try first to last important  part for any computer user. Please you stay with us for know Basic computer knowledge. We are coming soon to share with you.

Important Part Of Computer:

Computer have a lot of important part. But we discussing very very important part of computer. First to last important part we will discussing with you. See details in the below side. 01. Computer Start: It is very easy to start a computer if is it desktop. You connect at first power line CPU & Monitor. Then press CPU power switch, A few time wait and look at the monitor, now you get to see your computer starting. The important part of any computer keyboard and mouse so inter the mouse and keyboard connection.

This is the computer starting image. Don’t worried your computer will be start soon. The next work, wait for some time. And refresh your computer a few times.

Refresh system: At first you put the mouse in the empty space. Then you click the right button of mouse, now you get to see same image.

For refresh this work click on the refresh.  complete refresh work.

New folder create system: It’s very easy work to create a new folder. Different folder need to different file so new folder create is very important. Now we will try to create a new folder. Just simple to create, and see in the below side.

When you need to create a new folder. You click the mouse of right side now you can see below, put the mouse on new, and you can see folder. Click the folder. complete your new folder. If you want to change the new folder name, it’s also easy. just click right button of mouse below side you can see rename. Click rename and Change the new folder name.

Any file open system of computer: All computer is inactive without file open. Because we have to know must be, how to open any file. It is also easy to file open. Anyway now we will see how to open file.

Now you go to your particular file, which you want to open. And just double click on the file quickly. Your file is open. or right button click on the file now you get to see open. click on the open bar. Your file is open. Now we will learn to open ZIP file open system. JIP file open different than normal file. Because ZIP file remains always full protection. So JIP file open different than others file. System for open, click the right button on JIP file now you can see extract all, click extract all, the next work again extract. Your JIP file already opens.

How To Use Internet:

Internet use is very important for computer user. This is the part of Basic Computer  Knowledge. You can use it in two ways. The one way Wi-Fi, and others way modem. We will discussing now how to use internet.

At first you think about your internet, where from you use internet. If is it wi-fi connection from router. You can use easily just simple work. Open your wi-fi connection of PC, than connection the Wi-fi. But where from you find out wi fi. You go at first internet setting and click wi-fi. Now you will be able to connect the wi-fi line. Bye the way we have more another way to use internet. The second way in the below side.

Internet Use From Modem

It is also easy than Wi-fi connection. Because here not need router and others device. here need just modem and only one sim card. Inter the sim card your modem and install, then connection. But the important matter, must have internet in the modem another not will be work your internet connection. The next work, you have to install any internet Browser. With out not possible to use internet. That’s enough for use internet.

Final Word: We already given the upper side basic computer knowledge. This important part with out not possible use any computer. So you remember clearly these topics. It’s really really very useful for computer beginner. Next time please visit our website to find out about the computer and android trips.Thank you so much to read our content.

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