How To Create Gmail Account

It’s very important to Create Gmail Account, So every computer and smart phone user  should to know how to Create Gmail Account. Just easy and you will finish your Gmail account create within 2 minutes. For this reason you have to read our full content.

Then you will understand how to Create Gmail Account. And not for just Create Gmail account you will learn many many important theory of Gmail account. I know you are aware person so you are finding how to Create Gmail Account. Really it’s very necessity to Create gmail account.  Bye the way we are going soon to share with you full about of Gmail.

Create Gmail Account:

Every one need to Create Gmail Account who’s are use computer or smart phone. Not for just Computer user and smart phone user. It’s generally very necessity and useful So everyone shout to know how to Create Gmail Account. We are sharing with you how to Create Gmail Account. At first you choose a internet browser and you can use it. Bye the way go to your internet browser and search ( then you can see this part, under below.

We already come Google sign in page. Now you can see this page since we will Create Gmail Account so click the red boundary icon (Create account). You can see a from,  and you have to fill up it.

Follow upper side and you can see a space for fill up Name and password. Choose your name, password Birthday, Gender and your mobile number. You have to type your mobile number for backup your gmail account. If you forget your password or any problem you can solve your problem by this mobile number. So must be type your mobile number to backup.

You can see now your current email address box, you can fill up the box or if you don’t fill up that’s no problem. Under side you can see captcha code type the  captcha if you don’t understand captcha code you can skip it for new captha code. Next location, select your location and select agree box, Then finally click (Next step). Click Next step then instant complete your gmail account.

You can use the Gmail account any google product, for continue click (Continue to Gmail) then click (Next), (Next) (Next) again (Next) Now your Gmail account ready for use. Finish your work to Create Gmail Account.

How To Use Gmail:

Gmail use is not for hard word, It’s actually easy to use gmail account. Let’s start to learn How To Use Gmail account. Go to your internet browser then search, you can see now this part.

This is the main place to sign in your google account. Text your gmail name, click Next then again text your gmail password then click on Next. Look at the below side then you can understand How To Use Gmail Account. Just look at the below side.

We already give a image for know abut of gmail. Just see the left site in the image and here you can see some option. Compose, inbox, stared, draft, etc and look at the righ side here you can see some mail. Bye the way we are learning right now, how to basic use system of gmail.

Mail send process: Top left corner you can see Compose Click on it. After click on Compose then you can see this part.

You write in (To), Whom you want to send type his/her gmail. You think right now what you want to send, any picture, any file or others document. select it and you can write subject. Then under side again see Attachments. If you want to send any picture click on Choose, and for multiple picture click Attach More Files. Under blank space here you write anything, then finally click under side left corner Send icon to send your Gmail.

Necessity Of Gmail Account:

We will describe with you necessity of Gmail account. You will get many many opportunity if you have a Gmail account. So every one shout to create a gmail account. The main cause for gmail. If you have a gmail account you can use any google free product. Another you can’t inter many many place without gmail, or Any computer user and smart phone user need must be a Gmail account. Because Without gmail you can’t run your some software, such as Google Chrome internet browser, Play store or others software you can’t run with out gmail account So must be you need a Gmail account. And you can solve your many many problem by Gmail account.

Such as, you want to open your google chrome internet browser, but you don’t have a gmail, you will don’t inter your google chrome browser, without gmail. Another important matter, for any work internet related must be you need a internet browser. Bye the way the advice for you, you can create a gmail account without const. So create a gmail account for any opportunity internet related or others.

See more details in the below side about of gmail related information.

How To Save Your Contacts To Gmail:

You can save your contact in of your gmail. There have two process for save your contact in gmail. Opportunity from here, You can save big name or big text, Never lose your number forever so don’t worry to lose your contact. Your contact automatically transfer in your particular gmail.

First Method: You have to go your contact apps, so go to your contact apps and click on it. Then you can see this part.

You can see upper side image a red color boundary click here and again see setting click setting again click contact, now upper side get import/export/contact, here you can see many option click import from sim card now you select your gmail and click to inter the option. This is the right place to select your contact then click Done. Now automatically save all number your this gmail.

On The Others Method: If your mobile don’t have before method you can use this method. But this method from you don’t be able to select your full contact together. Open your mobile phone.

Pick up your mobile number and click add to contact, then click create contact then upper left corner see device click on it. And select your gmail account then you can save your contact manually. Now your contact full protect and never worry to lose your this contact. So here your need just Create Gmail Account then you will get this opportunity.

How To Change Gmail Password:

Every gmail user should to know how to change gmail password. Now we will learn How To Change Gmail Password. So you stay with us for know we will discuss now how to change your gmail password.

At first login your gmail account. then you can see under below side a picture

This is the Gmail login password, for change your gmail password click the red color boundary first click here and second click setting. Then you can see accounts and import click here, now under below side change account setting. After in change account setting you can see change password, since we will change our gmail password so click Change password.

Now a new window will open in your browser. Here tag your present password and sign in, You will see here a password place, tag your new password second place again tag your same password then click on (Change Password) icon. You will see immediately (your password was changed). This is the actually very simple  process to change your password. After  Create Gmail Account you can change your password just easily. So don’t worry to change your gmail password. We stay with you for any help just visit our this website.

How To Recover Gmail Forgot Password:

Unfortunately if you forget your gmail password don’t feeling tension. We stay with you just for help. We will learn you how to recover gmail forgot password.

Try to login your gmail from any browser. You can see upper side a image same category page login time. Bye the way inter your gmail name in the (inter your mail) this place then click on Next  icon. Now you can see a place for pick up your gmail password. Such as you forgot your password so click in the below side you can see (Forgot Password) after click forgot password. Automatically it will asked you inter the last password you remember. Pick up your password and Click (Next). After click Next again it will automatically asked you (Get a verification code by text message or phone call at;********29.

Here automatically talk you your last number then you can identified your number. Check your the particular mobile number wait here and under below side place  the verification code. After place your verification then click (Next) after click next you can see a place for New password, create password and confirm password. After place password then click finally change password. Then automatically loading your gmail. Finish your recovery password. You can change your gmail password in the eve. This is the very easy system to solve forgot password.  Create Gmail Account and don’t worry to lose your gmail password.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently:

After purchasing your mobile, it is filled in email. So you should to know how to delete gmail account permanently. It’s simple work to delete your gmail account permanently. Bye the way we will learn now to delete gmail account.

Hi friends you know different mobile for different setting.  But we will try discuss manually. At first Go to your mobile setting then search where account after get account click on it. Now click on google after google click again click account preference. Then you can see Delete Google Account before click chose a internet browser then click but you must have net connection. Then select your Gmail account which you want to delete. See in the below side

Select your particular gmail then below side pick up your gmail password then Next. You can see a big page after click Next, here scroll down and the toward the last end side select for two item for Delete account. Finally your gmail account right now delete. You will not be able to use this gmail next time. This is the way for delete gmail account. You can of caurse Create Gmail Account, and if you want to delete it’s possible So don’t worry To Create Gmail Account and delete.


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