How To Install Windows 7

Easy way to install windows 7. Where from you want to install windows 7. CD/DVD or USB/Pan-drive. Don’t worry to install we stay with you. We are talking about How To Install Windows 7 Just visit our full content and follow our direction. You will be able to install after read our this content. If you are a computer user so you should to know must be basic work about of computer. It’s actually basic part to install windows 7 operating system. And do you want to know another windows installing system, don’t worry we already published it, for know another windows installing system click here  There have a lot of basic tips for computer user but this is the main part.

About of Windows 7:

Windows 7 is a computer operating system. Every computer need windows operating system. Because without windows operating system your PC inactive. Now we are talking about what is windows 7? It is not another, it’s just computer operating system and product by Microsoft. It was published 22 October 2009 from Microsoft. This is part of the windows NT family of operating system.  The operating system is very useful. Because it’s very easy to use than others windows operating system. Some basic information of Windows 7:

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Initial release date: 22 July 2009
  • Ia-32 bit and x86-64
  • Release date: 22 July 2009

You can see upper side windows 7 operating system image. If you want to upgrade the operating system it’s possible to change from others windows. Supposed, You use windows XP or others windows directly you will be able to upgrade to windows 7.   Another many many opportunity have in this operation system. Now we will discuss with you How To Install Windows 7 by any system CD Disk, USB or Pen-drive. See details below side to install windows operating system.

How To Install Windows 7 :

You can install windows 7 from any way, CD Disk, USB or Pen-drive. Before install you think about local Disk-C Drive. If your important file have in local Disk-C Drive you transfer the file in others Drive. Because, when you install any windows operating system then it will be delete immediately.

So be careful from local Disk-C and must be remember about your important file. Now you can install windows operating system. If you want to install from CD-Disk then you buy a Windows 7 CD-Disk and inter the Disk in your computer DVD Writer. And restart the computer.

At first work setup your computer boot setting. Always you remember that, where from you want to install any windows DVD or USB, so you setup the boot menu setting, for know to get boot menu setting, computer restarting time press the (deoete) button and you look your computer upper side and follow the command and press F1, f2, f3 or f4. Different computer for different command.

After finish boot menu setting then you install windows operating system. For DVD you buy the DVD disk and inter your computer. For USB or Pen-Drive, you download the windows operating system in your Pen-Drive. We discussing with you full details windows setup system from CD-Disk and Pen-Drive. Please read our below content for Details How To Install Windows 7.

How To Install Windows 7 from CD/DVD-Disk :

You can believe us it’s actually easy to install windows 7 operating system from CD/DVD-Disk. I think it’s also easy, who know about of basic computer knowledge. Bye the way we are discussing with you full details, How To Install Windows 7 from CD-DVD-Disk. We already told you at first you have to buy a CD-Disk of windows 7 operating system. And the second work you inter the CD-Disk in your DVD Writer of Computer.

Now start main work. Restart your computer and wait a few time, and starting time you click (delete) button for boot menu. You control your boot menu setting by go under scroll and upper scroll. Go to the Boot device option, and you think the locate what do you have to press, f1, f2 or others button. and also thinking matter where from you install DVD or Pen-Drive. we will install from DVD so we select CD/DVD boot drive. Then press inter button.

Start Windows Installing From CD/DVD :

Installing now windows operating system from CD/DVD.  now you can see (press any key to boot from CD or DVD) so you select any key. It’s main time to install windows.

Now you can see this, and click next. then starting windows. Here you can see windows operating system Bit 32 or 64 bit setup from here. x86 is 32 bit and x64 is 64 bit so think and select the Bit option. Then click (next) button and you can see and command (accept the license terms) select the accept the license terms and again click (Next) and see the partition option of computer full hard drive. Now you select C-Drive and format. and if you want to change your partition from here. Or if don’t want to change partition then click (Next) and go starting windows.

 Now start loading to installing windows operating system.  Here’s some time needed and wait until the end of install. When 100% loading finish that’s moment you remember don’t click or press any key. if you press any key again will be start your computer windows so must be think about that. . Starting windows loading. Finish loading then automatically will be restart. Don’t worry for restart.

Now you write the computer user name and click (next). Then if you want password. Write the password and another skip, as your wish click (next). Now you write the product key then click (Next). Don’t worry for product key, there is a product key on CD/DVD disk. You select now time zone and click (next) button. Now your windows setup complete. You can check windows by restart your computer.

How To Install Windows 7 from USB/Pen-drive:

Windows Bootable system: Now we discussing how to installing windows 7 from USB/Pen-Drive. If you want t install windows 7 from pen-drive. So must be you have to download ISO file. And inter the pen-drive and go to open and select the ISO file, then go tool and click bootable usb file from tool and click ok. Now needed some time for bootable USB. so wait some time. Automatically will be finish the bootable.

We are going for windows install from USB. You inter the pen-drive in your PC. Restart the computer Then you control your boot setting. Restarting time you look upper side of your computer monitor. You can see upper side any command click f1, f2, or f3 different computer for different command. you press the particular command and control your computer boot setting. Bye the way since we will install windows from USB so we select USB and loading your computer.

Loading time you can see the command (press any key) immediately press any key and you can see now,*language, to install, Choose the English language. *Time and currency format, Choose English united states. And *Keyboard and input method, Choose US Now click (Next).  Select Bit and windows category, home, profession or others as you like this. click (next) button now, then select for accept and again click (next).

Main work of windows installing:

This is now main work of windows installing, if you want just upgrade the windows then you click here. And if you don’t want to upgrade then you click custom advanced

and click. Now thinking matter which partition you want to install the windows. Select the partition and click (next). 

 Installing start, Here’s some time needed and wait until the end of install. Windows need to restart to continue. Must be remember Don’t press any button now. Getting device ready and next work select where will use the computer any organization or personal, Click Next and write computer user name. If you want your computer password otherwise avoid it. Skip this and complete your windows 7 operating system install. Finish install now will automatically restart your computer. 


This is actually very very useful for any computer user. Every computer user should to know windows installing system. So please read the content clearly and try understand. We already given full details on the upper side. How To Install Windows 7 operating system. Please visit our website for find out about the computer and android trips.Thank you so much to read our content.

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