How To Install Windows XP

This is the very easy way to install Windows XP operating system. If you want to know How To Install Windows XP. No tension we will discuss with you just simple and easy way to install.

Are you want to install windows XP by CD/DVD or USB/Pan-drive. This is the right place for know How To Install Windows XP. Now we will discuss about install of windows XP. Finally you can install any way CD, DVD or USB, pen drive. All installing way very easy. We will share with you. Just wait and clearly read our full content then you understand installing process. At first you have to know, what type of computer do you use? And What type of windows you want to install. Actually it’s full depending on computer user. What type windows your choose. On the others cause it will be depended your computer hard-drive capacity. Before install windows you decide what type of windows you want to install.

About Windows XP:

This is the very easy to install for windows XP operating system, so don’t worry to install about of windows XP.  It is very simple work for any computer user. Because every computer user know about of basic computer knowledge and it’s basic work to install windows XP operating system. Our main topics How To Install Windows XP. So we will  talking about what is windows XP? It is not another, it’s just computer operating system and product by Microsoft. It was published on 24 August 2001 by Microsoft. From the beginning Windows Xp was most popular in operating system. Maximum computer user used the operating system once upon a time . Actually it was very famous and useful  in the world once upon a time.

You an see upper side windows xp operating system image. If you want to upgrade any  operating system from window’s xp, it’s possible to change from any windows. Supposed you use windows xp, you want to change the operating system. No problem you will be able to upgrade any windows operating system.   Another many many opportunity have in this operation system. Now it’s time, How To Install Windows XP. Full details in the below side.

How To Install Windows Xp:

Windows XP install is very simple and easy for any computer user. Because every computer user know basic computer knowledge. But don’t know, who’s are new computer user. We will remove your hesitation How To Install Windows XP. You can trust me, actually it’s easy to install windows XP. Bye the way you can install windows Xp from any way, CD Disk, USB or Pen-drive. Before install you think about of local Disk-C Drive. If your important file have in local Disk-C Drive you transfer the file in others Drive. Because, when you install any windows operating system then it will be delete immediately. So be careful from local Disk-C and must be remember about your important file. Now you can install windows operating system. If you want to install from CD-Disk then you buy a Windows XP CD-Disk and inter the Disk in your computer DVD Writer.

Start Installing Windows XP:

Restart your computer and remember that, restarting time you can change boot device setting. You think where from you will install the windows operating system. So computer restarting time you change boot menu setting. Where from you want to install the windows, DVD or USB, You select that by press inter. And click (delete) key and here from you can understand how to change boot menu setting. After change the boot menu setting again will be restart your computer.

Restarting time you press any key and loading file. Then continue for click (Inter) key now will be configuring. This time for agree press (f8) button. Then here from you can change partition. here different file for different work. We will do click on format the partition using, then inter. Now format the drive by click f (formatting loading) setup in copying file. Now click for restart press inter key. Computer now restarting and again inter Bios setting. And we will do first boot drive change to floppy, second boot drive Hard drive, and 3rd boot drive CDROM then click (Esc) button, then exit. exit saving change.

Loading Installing:

The next work preparing installation. Now windows installation start, here some time wait until finish. Then language and others so click on (next). Then write name and origination name. The next work CD key, are you thinking where will you get Product or Cd key. No tension just you see back side your Cd or Dvd cover. Now you write Product key. Then write Computer name, and if you want password otherwise skip. Next select time zone, Now again will be install windows operating system. here again need some time so wait until finish. and look at the right side below side image.

now you click the marking image for network selection, then click on (Next icon) then again click on next-next-next. Now please wait until finish install. Finish the install and again will be restart the PC.  After restart your PC you can see Welcome To Microsoft Windows under side you can see (Next) here click and next, Then help protect your pc and select not right now and select (Next) and click here. Then write user name, then next.  Finally finish windows XP operating system.

Windows XP Install From USB or Pen drive:

It is not difficult from install USB or Pen drive. We are talking about How To Install Windows XP.  Process:  First time you have to download (ISO) file, 32 bit or 64 Bit as your wish, depend your choose. Then you need a software for Boo table the Pen drive. There have available software for Boo table Pen drive, you can use any software. Supposed you can use the software (rufus).

Now you Download for Boo table pen drive software. And download ISO file. Run the Boo table.

Pen drive software, and you can see immediately this picture

click (create a boo table disk using) ISO Image icon. Here from will be find out ISO file. Now you select ISO file and Click start icon and again click OK. Processing start Boo table.  Here’s some time needed and wait until the end of processing then click the (Done) icon. Now you can check the pen drive whether it is Boo table or not. So you can check by simple tricks. You will disconnect and again connect the pen drive, and see pen drive icon green or others color, if the pen drive green then you will be sure. You are success, Complete your boo table system.

Install windows from USB/Pen drive:

USB/Pen drive installing system not different from DVD/CD. are you worried for How To Install Windows XP this system.  It is just easy, The same way DVD or CD installing system, same to same. Just different something  It’s pen drive and that DVD.  But the work is same.


This is actually very very useful for any window’s Xp user. Every computer user should to know windows installing system. We already published How to install window’s 10,8.1 and 7.  If you want to know any windows installing system visit our website   We already given full windows installing system in our website. How To Install Windows XP operating system. Please visit our website for find out about the computer and android trips.Thank you so much to read our content.

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