How To Reinstall Windows 10

This is the very easy system How To Reinstall Windows 10. Now we discussing just about of Reinstall Windows 10. You can fix the issue in just few minute. But you have to know must be for solve the issue. We are discussing How To Reinstall Windows 10 in few time.

When you are feeling your computer slow and others issue. You think that moment you should to Reinstall your computer windows. Because when your computer windows missing anything then computer user understand, And every computer should to reinstall the windows operating system. We use computer by any windows operating system so we should to try always windows operating system strong and clean. This is the another way for strong windows operating system with out install newly. For know full details about of How To Reinstall Windows 10 visit our full content. And follow our directions.

About Of Reinstall Windows:

Reinstall windows is not another work. It’s just correction system of windows operating system. It’s very important for any computer user. Everyone use computer but maximum computer user don’t know How To Reinstall Windows 10 or others windows. We will learn now this topic. How To Reinstall Windows 10. And  how to you understand your computer need reinstall windows operating system. When you face these problem.

  • Windows update that has corrupted the operating system.
  • Failed windows 10 updates and upgrades.
  • Windows start menu not working.
  • Windows apps not working.
  • Corrupt system files.
  • Malware done damage to operating system.

Then you will think your computer need reinstall windows, or  need newly setup windows operating system. We can use others system without newly windows setup. This is reinstall windows operating system. It’s not difficult work we can talk it’s just easy. We will discuss now in the below side How To Reinstall Windows 10. 

How To Reinstall Windows 10:

This is the easy way to reinstall process of windows 10 operating system.  Now we will discussion with you How To Reinstall Windows 10 within short time. This is the actually very important work for any computer user. We will share you now full details How To Reinstall Windows 10.  Start reinstalling process.

You can see upper side windows 10 operating system image. At first your work you have to go in setting. click the start icon then you can see upper side setting icon, click the setting icon. And again you can see this image see in the below side.

Same image you can see after click setting icon. Now your work you click (Update & security, Windows Update recovery, backup) here.  We already marking the icon, think red color boundary icon. Here click then you can see again another part. See in the below side image.

After click Update & security you can see this part. We will click Recovery, think the red color boundary (Recovery). Click here Recovery icon. Then you can see the next part, see in the below side.

You can see Get started in the red color boundary. click here and again you can see the below side image.

Now your work you choose any option keep my file,(Removes apps and setting, but keeps your personal files. And other Remove everything (Removes all of your personal files. apps, and setting). You click your choose option. Then we discussing in the below side.

Download And Installing process:

This is the main part of Windows reinstalling process. We are solving How To Reinstall Windows 10.   So you have to download  windows 10 for reinstalling. Now your work. you download that.

You write in the search box, Download windows 10. You can see upper image and understand where will do search and click. Click the red boundary link then you can see in the below image.

Now you click (Download tool now) and download windows 10 file. Then open the file and you can see this image under below.

Click on the Next icon and again click accept icon then you can see (what do you want to do)  click on the next icon then start immediately Downloading windows 10 and progressing. Next Getting updates and see the command, (we are getting a few things ready.)  Then again click on the accept icon and finally start (Getting updates).

You can see upper side ready to install image. Her have change option  (Change what to keep) here from you can change option. Then click on the (Install) icon.

Now finally Installing Windows 10. Wait here until finish the installing windows. When 100% finish or complete automatically will be finish the installing work.


This is actually very very important for any  windows 10 user.   If you want to know any android and PC tips  visit our full website.  We already published our some content about of PC and android. And right now you are reading our this content, How To Reinstall Windows 10. If you are feeling well to read our content.   Please next time again visit your website .Thank you so much to read our content.

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