How To Use Google Drive

Google drive is very important for any android user or any computer user. So you have to know must be How To Use Google Drive. You will get just free 15 gigabytes in google drive. you can put here your any Picture, Videos, and any important Document.

Every computer user and smart phone user know, what is google drive but don’t know How To Use Google Drive. It’s actually very very useful for aware people. You can use google drive without cost. Today we will learn How To Use Google Drive and some important theory for use. So don’t worry to use Google drive, we will introduce full about of Google drive.

Google Drive – Secure Online Space:

Google drive is a free storage unit. You can put in google drive any photo, video, and document just protected. We will discuss with you full about google drive. So that you can use the storage just free and carefully. Are you worried for save your driving license, passport, certificate, voter id card and important papers no tension. This is the just save place for you. You can put here full protected everything. Never worry to lose your this document. Bye the way we will discuss in short time About Of Google Drive. If you want to use google drive you have to create a google drive account, then you will use it.

Google drive launched on 24 April 2012. Any computer user and smart phone user can use google drive and with 15 gigabytes of primary free storage. If any google drive user want to get more space on google drive they can easily upgrade storage capacity, it’s possible so we are telling again don’t worry, How To Use Google Drive. We will discuss with you full details about of Google Drive. So read our full content until finish, follow below side and know How To Use Google Drive.

How To Use Google Drive:

This is very easy to use Google Drive just you read our full content and follow what we do or adhere our advice. For use google drive you have to create a google drive.  First work to use Google Drive open your internet browser and just write (google drive) your search place. Then you can see Google Drive click here and you can see this part in the below side.

If you are first time user google drive, You can get such an interface . Here from you can create your google drive account. If you are already google drive user and you have a lot of file in google drive you can find out very easy way, just write your file name on search box then you will find easily your needed file. Or you will see file function when you put your mouse pointer search place. You can see these option, PDFs, Text document, spreadsheets, presentation, Photos&image, videos. Click just your needed file then you can see all file document. The last option more search tools, if you want a more option here from you can create a new popup.

Click my drive and here you can see your drive. You can see all files that are in the folder here. If you want download anything just right button click then you can see download option click download option to download in your desktop. If you want to share your any friend and others person they will show your these file. Again click right button on the second file then you can see share option. Click here for share and write your friend whom do you want to permission.  We will share with you below side how to create Google drive account.

 How To Create Google Drive:

Google drive create is very easy, But you have to be a Gmail account. Then you will be able to create a google account easily. Your first work for create a google drive. Open your internet browser and search (Google drive) in your internet browser. Then you can see some link of google drive, you don’t inter others link, You inter just under below side red color marking this link.

You can see a red color boundary click here and inter the link then you can see again this image just follow our this content.

Users you can see this part after click the google drive link. Click on the red boundary icon then you can open the google drive page. This is the actually very very important information.  Bye the way you can create the google drive. With out any work just you need a Gmail account then you get automatically a Google drive account.

You can see a image upper side. This is your Google drive page. Here you think ( Safe storage for all your files) and here they already talk ( You get 15 GB free for photos documents and more opportunity for put your important document. Enough to create your google drive account complete.

How To Upload File To Google Drive:

It’s not hard work to file upload on Google Drive. At first open your internet browser and search ( then press inter. Or this is the direct link of Google Drive just click on the text here from you can go direct google drive. you can see now choose an account, so choose your gmail and add account. Then again password select your password then sign in. After sign in you can see this part and for upload you have to do the next work, look at the picture.

Click the red color boundary icon, then yo can see file and folder. For upload any file and and document, click file then you can choose any file then again click and going to click open. Again you can see this image select your upload setting then the next work, Think about under image then do it.

This is the Upload settings, here from you can select what do you want to put here. Bye the you can see here the first step, (Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawing to the corresponding Google Docs format and others, Convert Text from PDF and image file to Google documents

under side select, Confirm settings before each upload. Select it before start upload. then start uploading on your google drives storage. Finish your uploading work. Now if you want to download your google drive uploading file. It’s also easy just right button click on your file then you can see Download option. click here and start download in your desktop, finish uploading and downloading work.

How To Google Drive On Android Mobile Phone:

Maximum android phone user know about google drive but don’t know how to use Google Drive on android phone. Today we will discuss how to use google drive from android mobile phone. Let’s go to know about of google drive from android.

Very easy to use google drive from android mobile. You need just a google account or gmail account. If you have a google account you can use google drive easily. If you don’t have a google account, you create a google account. And if you have a google account you don’t to have anything. Just go and open your play store apps. then just search (Google Drive). You can see it after search then install the apps. I don’t have to say how to download, install and open the apps. I am sure you know how to download any apps from play store and open the apps. Because you are a android user, android smart users are very smart i know.  So we discussing short time about of google drive using process.

You can see upper side a image of google drive.  Now go to your photo gallery and select your picture and click this icon and transfer Google drive.

After select your choose photo then you click red color boundary then you can see Google drive. Sent your choose photo on google drive then automatically go google drive. But must be remember right now your select photo delete immediately.

Then inter your Google Drive apps here you can see these photo. upload complete. Thank you so much for reading our content.

Accessing Google Drive while Offline:

You can use Google Drive while you offline. Now we discussing how to use accessing google drive while offline. Bye the way we are going to our main topics. Open Google Chrome browser. Then sign in your google account.

After sign in your google account you search of others tab and write the text ( search it. Or directly you can go the link just click here. Next, inter your username and password and sign in. Next click the google apps icon and look at the top right corner setting option click here and go to setting menu. Click the check box of online and select. Last select the menu bar then setting and select make google chrome the default browser and again click google Chrome box. Now you can out from your Google chrome browser. Go to your start menu and type google drive, sign in your google before write username and password, just click Next Next then click Done. You can see now Google Drive icon your desktop click on it.

Then you can see here your documents. Again go your google drive from Google Chrome browser, click shared with me if you need use it offline you can being it by clicking driving  and inter my drive.  Or click on the document and right click then you can see ad to my drive select your photo and click move. Now you can use any Google Drives document offline.

Final Word:

We already discuss with you about How To Use Google Drive. We already  published many. So next time you can visit our website for any help about PC or Android. This is our website link here from you can inter our website directly. Thank you so much for visit our website.

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